Friday, December 11, 2009


Does Anyone Remember THIS Movie?

Ok well all I remember is that this little troll had a green thumb and there was this one scene where he made this ugly looking place absolutely beautiful just with the touch of his thumb. Flowers started blooming, trees started growing, pretty moss covered all the ugly dirt. Grass grew in, trellises of roses formed, delicious fruit popped up everywhere. And I remember thinking 'now that..THAT would be an awesome power'.

One day I was in the back seat with my mom running errands. We were driving in an ugly part of town and I remember putting my thumb up to the window and pretending it turned everything beautiful as we drove by. Houses were magically painted, grass cut, bushes trimmed, garbage gone.

As I've grown older that fantasy has slowly dwindled (I still imagine it occasionally but I refrain from putting my thumb up to the window :) ). However when I move into a new place, or my house is a mess I find myself closing my eyes and searching for this magic- whispering the words bibbity-bobbity-boo.

When I open my eyes everything is the same-the mess is still there, the decorating still needs to be done, the yard still needs landscaping, but some how the sheer imagining of the potential makes the work enjoyable.

My world is a beautiful place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

already behind...lots happening

1. We moved into our new house!
(I painted the walls orange and yellow-I'm loving the orange...hating the yellow)

2. Scott's busy with the Cascade Christmas show (and I mean busy-but he's so fun to watch, I'm so proud of him)

3. Halloween costumes were a hit...still need to get pics up.

4. Christmas time is here!!!!

5. We are going on a southern CA vacation with my family after Christmas. We are going to sea world, sand diego zoo, universal studios and of course Disneyland:)

I think that's all the big stuff-I really do have a goal to keep this updated weekly...keep checking in!