Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Butterfly Birthday

I just turned 2...2...
...2 years old!

So May 7th, 2010 marked Madilyn's second year on this earth. We took her out to dinner that evening. We ate at none other than Red Robin. She always claps along when they sing happy birthday to people so we thought it would be fun to have them singing to her. She clapped and smiled right along.

Following dinner we took her to a local high school's performance of "Aida". You think to yourself-"why would you take a 2 year old to see a musical?". Well SHE LOVED IT. I think having her dad in those couple shows-she has already learned to appreciate theatre. She was so excited to go and stayed awake for the entire show (7:00pm-10:30pm).

We had her actual birthday party the next day.

Here is a small sample of the festivities.

What: Madilyn June’s 2nd Birthday

(Party & Barbeque)

Where: Gigi & Papa’s Backyard

(The Eliason’s)

When: Saturday, May 8th 2010

Time: 4:00 pm

Gigi & Papa let us use their house for the Barbeque

Look at all these presents!

Bubble Gun was a HUGE hit

Grandpa putting on my new Tinkerbell dress ups (well...trying)

Mom and Gigi made a butterfly cake-I helped with the flowers
Wow that looks yummy-I think I'll just take a bite
Mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted-"pink" I said, "all pink!"
We had hot dogs and hamburgers-and I asked Grandma & Grandpa to bring french fries
Sittin' with my Pa's
So glad cousin Isabelle could come and Grandma too
I love riding in this wagon
And I really love it when dad chases me in the wagon-because Papa goes really fast!

What a fun day!

*Special thanks to Aunt Mimi for taking all of these photos*