Monday, January 31, 2011

Madilyn's Room

Thought I better get some photos up of Madilyn's room before she starts sharing it with Kira-at which time there will no longer be room to fit a camera in said room.
Wall art: The Medford temple, a penciled sketch of Scott and I on our wedding day. Butterflies,  Flowers, Poetry and "Shheshush" (Jesus)

We made this bouquet of flowers for a Relief Society Meeting. When I realized I would never display them in a vase, I cut of the stems and glued them to an empty white frame. Love.

Adorable doll house from aunt "Mimi"

Lamp shade-I glued on decorative trim and silk flowers.

$10 Mirror from target, stuck on a Martha Stewart scrap-booking flower and added some ribbon (I should have fluffed the bow-whoops!)

Quilt made by Gramee Great


Gussied up the sheets with some ribbons and trim

Quilt made by Gigi and mom while we were waiting for Madilyn to come :)



Note the bed finials...
This bed is actually part of a set; Uncle Justin and Uncle "T's" old bunk beds. We painted them pink. I knew I would need something to fill in the holes where the upper bed attaches. I found these candle holders at TJMAXX for like $7 total...we matched the paint color to them and Scott attached dowels...Voila! (BTW: flat paint is NOT a good choice for furniture, when we are ready to paint the other bed we will redo this one in a glossier finish-bummer)

Her little kitchen (from target). Please note-I cleaned it up for this pic. Plates are from Bimore $.50 a piece-some kind of easter special.

Shelf from Great Grandma Jane. We painted it white, and it sits above her closet. I  LOVE this little frog-a good reminder that you can't always judge by appearances ;) and an ode to her favorite movie (The Frog Princess).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

D days

We were able to take a 3 day trip to Disneyland after the holidays. Madilyn LOVED it-it was the first time she knew who the character's were. Kira was a good sport, and all in all we had a blast!
I mean really,  does Madilyn's face say it all or what!
Scott & I (with Kira's bundled head)

The carosol-her favorite

The blessed BOB-another favorite ride

Kira's favorite ride-asleep OR awake

With Grandpa Mike & Cousin Isabelle

At the castle in the Belle dress mom made her for Christmas (not bad eh?)

She loves Belle-but is scared of the "beast"

I'm not sure she knew who Ariel was (besides some kind of princess)

Tiana was her favorite to meet-it's the movie she loves the most (wierd I know with the voodoo guy and stuff-for some reason he's NOT scary like the beast)