Friday, March 4, 2011

Ever Played Seven Minutes in Heaven?

Well this is my very own little heaven
 So I need to have a blog section entitled "funny things Madilyn says". She came up to mr the other day dressed like this...
and said
 "mom... I'm painting the town"
"what did you say?! What are you doing?" (I can't possibly have heard that right...)
"I'm painting the town"
"you're 'painting the town'?!" (where does she get this stuff?)
"yeah I'm painting the town"
well alrighty then...paint away

cutest, chubbiest baldest baby ever, playing coy
she LOVES bath time

Proof I'm trying to "change" my lifestyle habits, not just dieting

Kisses for Kira

"If I could just get this whole thing in there..."

baby blues