Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip to Utah 2011

We spent the last week in good ol' Utah. Scott's youngest sister Morgan had a wedding. We went out a couple days early to spend some time with this special lady. (This is my Grandmother Earllene)
 She took us to Thanksgiving Point ( http://www.thanksgivingpoint.com/ ), we spent almost two whole days there and barely saw a quarter of it. 
These were the gardens we walked through


Madilyn June was soooo tired, she rode on dad's shoulders most of the day

Kira exploring the grass

Smellin' the flowers
More of the garden's we walked through

There was a Koi pond where you could feed the fish

Both girls loved seeing all the fish

And there were lots...

and lots of fish

We ate at their in-house restaurant. Kira loves ice cold water from mommies straw

And Madilyn...with a classic "cheesy face" for the camera

They had a fun little water feature for the kids to play in

The pants didn't last long...

We were lucky enough to stay with Scott's Uncle Chip and Aunt Tammie-some of the best people in the world. Madilyn LOVED them. They had this set of "doctor" toys and Madilyn decided Chip needed a check-up. He was a good sport:

"Oh no dearie, you better check my ears, I'm feeling a little sick..."

Awesome :)