Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A long time coming...Summer 2011

Mom & Kira at some tini-tiny zoo in Atascadero

Madilyn waiting to see the Tiger at said tini-tiny zoo

Headed to Hearst Castle with the Eliason clan (minus Tyler who is STILL on a mission)

Uncle Justin looking Rad

The bus ride up to Hearst Castle-Madilyn learned how to Moo like a real cow

The cool kids ride in the back of the bus (is that still the case?)

Look a castle 

Kira loves Papa-he's a mean lean flying machine

rollin with dad

family pic overlooking San Simeon

Gigi and Papa-they're the best!

Hot bus ride

We also spent a ton of time at the lake this summer. Not so much in long all-day kind of trips, more in short saturday mid-morning jaunts. The best...

(he didn't even know I was taking this picture-he naturally looks THAT cool)

pink sausage babies

Both my girls LOVE the water...

Madilyn also took swimming lessons this summer. We had a couple girls come to Grandma Cindy's house and teach, They take turns with about 7 kids. It was great and Madilyn is quite the little swimmer!

We got her some goggles and she loved them...

loved them

loved them

Well that's our summer 2011 in a nut shell. 

Family Photo shoot coming soon