Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Disneyland October 2011

Guess where we are?!?!

Dads feeling sick
                               Huge grin on the teacup ride...priceless 

Kira with Grandma on the Merry-go-round, she LOVED it

Dumbo ride, fun that each parent gets a kid to ride with :)

Goofy's house, her favorite part of the whole trip

In line for the new "Ariel Ride" Madilyn's favorite

Can you tell where we are headed today?

Here we go we are on our way

Waiting in line....

We're here!! Its really her!!!

Madilyn told Cinderella all about how mom and gigi (my mom)  made her dress
and how she picked out the fabric...so cute

(Kira's like "don't forget me!")

But really once Madilyn was out of the picture, she was a little apprehensive..

She chatted up a storm with these princesses

She even made sure to introduce her sister to snow white

Then she got her face painted

Feeling fancy

Kira and Jake in the stroller
 We even got to see the Chipmans while we were down there
I am Kira hear me ROAR
(she doesn't coo or babble...she growls)

biggest Pooh ever,  I thought she might jump out of my arms

Kissing cousins...the reward for sharing a bite of her pumpkin  cookie

My view for most of the trip...not bad eh?

Hitchin a ride with aunt fabs

Kisses for dad

Jungle cruise

We bought a bubble gun, and let her chase after the bubbles for a while

Then back in the stroller

Kira LOVED the rides, when we got close to one, she would try to dive out of my arms

This ride=NO for me, I couldn't even get a photo they were spinning soooo fast.
You know your dad loves you when....

said bubble gun

A quick little  ice cream on main street before loading up in the car

maybe not so little...

Scott Sumsion Family 2011
(at the last second Madilyn threw her arms around our necks...so cute)

Trip Memories:
On our last night the girls woke up when we loaded them into their beds at 11:00pm. Kira went right back down, but Madilyn stayed up and chatted with us. Finally she said "Dad. I am freakin out tired!"

Kira puked 10 minuted in, on the drive home.

The entire Sumsion side of the family was there

We are some cupcakes (wink wink)

We drove Wednesday day, and got in around 4:30 so we called up uncle Sean and cousin Jake and we got to have dinner and play before the Disney weekend started

We walked somewhere around 30 miles