Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fall Festivities...even though it's winter now...

Halloween. Kira was little miss muffet (note the spider). Madilyn was Rapunzel-"the-marrying-kind" (from Tangled ever after)

We stopped in at Grandmas Cindy's a.k.a. Effie Trinket...

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Saw lost of cousins... Kira, Isabelle (Micci's), Madilyn, Margo (Morgan's) and Lincoln (Micci's)

Went to the Pumpkin Patch

And that's all. How was that for catching up on everything in one blog post...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some Big News!

You Guessed it...

Baby boy Sumsion is on his way!

Now if only I had the time/energy/money/space to make this nursery happen...
As is, I'm not sure where we're going to put the little guy...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Kira monster turns 2!

So our little miss Kira...NOT A GIRLY GIRL. Which I love, but after Madilyn I assumed I would be planning; princess, fairy, pink, glitter, frilly, fancy, parties for a few years. As Kira's birthday got closer and closer, I started brainstorming ideas for a party theme that would more aptly suit her.

she growls
she climbs
she can find a treat anywhere
she can find a way to get that treat...anywhere
she can smell that treat,
she can smell that treat even if I ate it 10 minutes ago
she'll say "whas dat?" while trying to pry my mouth open, and get said treat
she still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth (except her dinner)
she loves to wrestle
she hates cake
she loves the movie Monsters Inc.
she begs to be thrown around
she pummels her sister constantly
she doesn't sleep (...still-grrrr...now I'm growling)
she likes to eat anything with catsup on it (hates honey)
she is persistent, persistent, persistent
she is sometimes referred to as jack-jack (please see Pixar short)

she is still my little girl
she is darling
she likes to get dressed for church and twirl for dad
she gives the best hugs
she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her papa
she says "I nee...help" ALL THE TIME
she will do puzzles all day every day
she talks in full sentences "mom, i nee mor pleeeese"
she loves ice cream, especially going out to get some with gigi and papa
she loves ALL her people so much, and lights up when she sees any of them
she has the cutest little voice
she will go to the arms of almost any old man
she has bright blue eyes and curly blond hair
she loves her big sister

So to sum up....a darling little monster:

We threw a girly monster bash...

Monster slime for the guests

Monster mouths with friends

Monster goodie bags: included custom sock monster, silly sting and slime
(should have gotten pictures of the sock monsters)

Monster cup"cakes". (remember she hates cake...so Aunt Morgan came up with these: brownie-based, ice-cream-filled, whip-cream-topped mosters. WITH royal icing accessories)

My favorite part of the day was when Madilyn got to give her gift to Kira. Madilyn picked it out while we were in Disneyland. We bought it, and she has been dying to give it to Kira ever since. The day finally arrived. (She wrote on the package herself: Kira. FRoM Madilyn)

Kira loved it (note-it's the baby version of  "Boo" from Monster inc.)

We opened lots of presents-Thank you everyone!

With Great Grandma Jane

Mini-Mouse Karaoke (a big hit)

A cabbage patch twin named Sasha Kayleigh. Their hair is even styled the same!

As part of the decorations I ordered some gigantic balloons (I mean 36inchers). They. were. awesome. I only needed six to decorate the whole room, AND when we were done with presents and ice cream, we took them down and it was a par-tay! The kids AND adults had tons of fun with them.

It was a great day. She is a great little girl. We love her so much, and are so glad she is part of our family. This is such a fun age. Her little personality is coming out, but I can still smother her in hugs and kisses. She wants to do everything by herself, but her cheeks and thighs are still chubby. I'm grateful to be her mom, and am excited for lots more birthdays!
We love you Kira Jane!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The way we sleep...

Madilyn is our sleeper. Always has been. She will sleep anytime, anywhere, and solid as a rock. We've always been able to keep her sleeping when we have transferred her (late nights leaving the grandparents). She was easy-peasy when it came to a big girl bed, I would just take away her pacifier if she got out, then to earn it back she had to stay in bed for 3 minutes or whatever. It took like 2 nights of that before she didn't get out of bed anymore. She's still awesome about it...
Recently she re-discovered a mask she received at Christmas time, and it has become an essential (less so now that the sun is going down a little earlier). So this is literally how she sleeps for naps and night time...hilarious.
Add caption
 This other child, however...
 Cheeky little devil
We tuck her in at night:
Paci-check, blanki-check, quilt-check, draco-dragon-pillow-check....

 We tried for 5+ nights, the standing next to her, just placing her back in when she got out. It took us 3 hours, 5 nights in a row before we decided it was time for another plan.
"Heck-no I'm not staying in this bed"
(first escape was about 2 months ago: Kira=20 months)

We decided to just have Madilyn sleep on our floor (cause remember she can) while we figured out a solution. Hence an empty mattress in the bed next door. We wedged it in front of the crib...

Suckas-I'll just climb out and around...

Every time we thought we'd come up with a working solution...

It didn't work...

Plus she'd peek her head around the corner and be so stinkin' cute,
we'd laugh and lose all parental credibility for the night

Hence the invention (please no judging) of what she calls her:


Please note they are footed pajamas with which I have taken the legs and SEWN them together.  (this particular pair happens to be sewn inside out, a serendipitous mis-hap, that makes it impossible for her to unzip/escape them. (shout out to Lanece if you're reading this)

Whose the sucker now?

We have been sleeping soundly for 1 and 1/2 months now...
Added bonus, she can't climb out of her bed in the morning and get into things, until we get her out. For the record we put her to bed most nights in regular pajamas and give her a chance to stay in her bed, then when she crawls out, we stick her in these. Some nights she's so tired she asks for them...It's like she needs something tying her down so she can get herself to relax and go to sleep.

We do have a big girl bed that we bought for her. It has been in the garage waiting until she had her shots before we tried to make the switch. Shots are done and this weekend it's time to upgrade. But I will miss the "stuck-jammies".

Any ideas on how to get her to stay in the big-girl-bed? I don't think Madilyn's Paci trick is going to work on this one...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

swim lessons

So this summer we did swim lessons again. We have a fantastic grandma with a fantastic pool. The teacher comes to us, and we just hang out and swim with friends while we wait to take our turn with said teacher.

I could hardly get a photo of Madilyn because she was in the under water the ENTIRE time.

Gigi came to watch

Swimming with Grandma Cindy while waiting for our turn

Kira did great when it was her turn, but when it wasn't, this is where she was...in Grandma's strawberry patch. She didn't care what shade of red they were (or weren't) she would pick 'em and eat 'em

Madilyn took to the water like a fish. This is her 4th year doing it. And she loves to swim. I think we might have to get her on a team eventually.

cute bum

Swim lessons wore us out!

So fun though-can't wait to do them again next summer!