Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Someone Had a Birthday

This little cutie!!!!
 So her birthday was clear back on November 3rd. We threw a You are my Sunshine party for just family and close friends. Madilyn loved planning the whole thing with me, from ordering decorations, to putting them up and making a cake. Kira enjoyed every minute, just having her people around her. She loved tearing wrapping paper, and pulling things out of bags.

Here is the actual invite, the moon is glittered and the clouds and moon are cut out of paper (meaning they are cuter in person)
Ruffle cake, the next one will be better, this one was  a learning process
We did everything in yellow and white with touches of grey (you make me happy when skies are grey)

Balloons everywhere! The little kids loved that! (p.s. headband lasted all of 2 photos)

Opening gifts, again Madilyn being a "helper"

Homemade quilt from  gigi and papa, she loved it right away and now sleeps with it every night

This toy is called "annoying monster" thank you Uncle Justin!
Funny story though, for baby girl #2 I had been thinking of doing a really sweet, vintage, frilly, girly party. But alas, the closer and closer the party got the more I realized that theme just didn't suit her. We call her our little monster/gremlin/stitch (fron Lilo and Stitch) or jack-jack (from the Incredibles, you know the one that breathes fire, and flies). She doesn't coo she rumbles, she doesnt giggle she chortles, she doesn't wine or cry she yells and growls. Thus the transition to a more fitting theme. She is our sunshine and makes us happy :)

She LOVES lemon flavor, or any citrus for that matter, so I made a lemonade cake...she wasnt' such a fan...
We love you little one, may we spend many more birthdays with loved ones and friends!