Friday, April 13, 2012

Christmas in...April???

Christmas Post...Yes I'm THAT far behind...
Better late than never?

Had my family over to make gingerbread houses...kira was not so good at this, so she ended up in the bath. Thanks papa!

Decorating with Gigi, Justin and Dorothy (Justin's girlfriend)

She tightens her lips and sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating

Just like Uncle Justin

Someone thought a Pergola would look nice on this made-to-perfection gingerbread house

Then of course stories with Grandma Cindy. She does them the best. With voices and sound effects and faces.


The only one with the attention span for the whole story

Santa Came!!!

Cinderella night gown (perfect...she sleeps like a princess every night, and I mean EVERY night, and I don't have to buy her commercial disney wear)

Santa came to Gigi's and Papa's too!!!

We went to Grandma Cindy's after this, Santa had stopped by there as well, unfortunately our camera did not make it to those festivites...

A great Christmas though! And so fun to see so much family, play games (reference "deck" with scottish accent), and see some infamous "Krunking moves".