Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tangled Party for our 4 year old!

Can you believe we have a four year old? She decided on a Rapunzel Birthday way back in September when she was helping me plan Kira's birthday. I tried to talk her into a pirate party but to no avail. So alas we went with the ultra girly, ultra commercial "tangled" party. She loved every bit of it. 
The dress was the 1st gift of the day. It's from the "Tangled Ever After" short. The crown was made by her Aunt Mimi (Micci)

Food table: Pleas note the awesome, authentic leather, satchels made with love for all the guests by Gigi (Loretta).
My mom is awesome. 
The satchels were also sort of a gift to me. You see these were on my list of things to make/do for the party. As the time drew closer I realized these were NOT going to happen. Disappointedly I started looking for little goodie bags. When mom asked what I needed help with, I told her I needed to find and stuff goodie bags. She said "I thought you were making satchels?" I let her know I wasn't going to have the time, and she said she would happily do them. To top it off, Grandpa Lucky had some old leather in the storage shed that she was able to use. So these are genuine leather Flynn Rider satchels. 
I love my mom, I love that she knows me so well. I'm glad we live close enough to do this stuff together!

Awesome right?!? They were filled with a mirror and brush, a paint brush, easel and canvas (miniature), and some candy.

Our good friends the MacDonalds came with their son Griffen, and Lanece even made him this Flynn Rider ensamble...kill me!

Fellow Princesses

Musical sunshines...Isabelle won... (please note Madilyn's face for future reference)

We also watched Tangled Ever After. It was great because most of the girls hadn't seen it. It's only like 7 minutes long, and it's hilarious. This was probably my favorite part of the party.

 I've learned that while I love planning parties, I don't love playing hostess. I don't love being in charge, I don't love getting everyone to participate, I don't love being the center of attention, I don't love being too busy worrying about the next game to see Madilyn enjoying the party.
So Scott and I made a deal. Some of you may know that Scott happens to be a performer, he happens to come from a fairly long line of performers. He happens to love being in charge, he's fine being the center of attention. So from now on I will plan/decorate/over-do on the pre-party side, then when it's party time Scott will step in and take over. If he is ever not available, my mother-in-law said she would do it. So I'm good

Live and Learn
Kira loved the flick too!

We painted our own floating lanterns

Played "Pin the nose on Flynn Rider"

Look at all those princesses waiting in line (I love Isabelle here...not quite sure if she's excited or scared)

Flynn's up

Eating candy while waiting for cake (it's a party right?)

Rapunzel's-Tower-Cakes, with Uncles Tyler and Jazz as bodyguards

 I wish I had a better, close-up, photo of these cakes. I filled the ice cream cones with cake ball mix (crumbled cake and frosting). I then topped it off with another ice cream cone and piped frosting to get the details on there that made them look like the Rapunzel tower. I had TONS of help piping the frosting on these, and stuffing the cones! Thanks mom, grandma and Lanece!!

(Please note I have a very beautiful daughter, you never quite get to see it, because for some reason in photos...she makes these faces-and yes I am a little partial)

(while these cakes were cute they were VERY impractical as far as eating them went. Especially for 4 year olds)

Case and point, (she reverted back to the candy)

Pinata time!!!! (see the face)

(And the face)

Our intention was to have a Flynn Rider Pinata that they could hit with a frying pan...we couldn't find one. Just this cheesy, disney princess thing. But the frying pan played, they love it. It was the talk of preschool the 2 weeks prior the party.

And little sister too!

Finally! Whew! (we had to resort to the pull-string method)

(so close...if she would just look at the camera)

Flynn wanted to hold the pinata, papa Mark let him
Kira stood back while all the big kids got their candy. I kept trying to get her to get in there and get some. She had it figured out. She waited until the big kids vacated the area, then moved in to scavenge the rest :)
Smart kid-that one

What up, I got the goods

(hey Eliason-side, does this rocker look familiar?)

She had LOTS of help opening her presents, and she was such a good sport about it! 

I made this boat...Grandma Jane had lots of leftover boxes from her recent move, so I made this. I had these grand plans that we would have them all sit in the boat and send of their very own flying lanters. Turns out said flying lanters are an extreme fire hazard (I wish they had mentioned that on the web-site BEFORE I ordered AND received them) Anybody need 10 gigantic, extremely dangerous floating lanters? Their purple...

I love how ladylike Madilyn is being while exiting the boat

ring around the rosies

Party aftermath. Everyone had left, what Madilyn wanted to do most was this Fancy Nancy craft she got from gigi. Grandma and Grandpa were happy to help....

We love our little Madilyn. She is so happy and helpful. She loves her family, all of them everywhere. She especially loves her cousin Isabelle, and her sister. She has morning chores which include; making her bed (I do some of the covers, she does the rest and the pillows), getting dressed AND putting away her PJ's, emptying the silverware and some of the other kid dishes, getting the mail, brushing her teeth. She does NOT like putting away her toys "mom it's sooo hard!".

She also loves:
Gymnastic class
Writing her name
Math (addition)
El Dorado (the movie)
Showers (with the tea-set in there)
Singing at the top of her lungs (especially "Ariel"-the broadway musical, and "I love to see the temple")
Pink-anything and everything that's pink
Chicken nuggets (she can make them all by herself)
German Pancakes
Regular Pancakes
Disneyland (especially the Ariel ride- are you sensing a pattern here?)
Grandma's house
Gigi and Papa's house
Dress ups
Helping me in the kitchen
Theatre (the movies and musicals etc)

She can count high (stuggles with the order of 14,15,16), she can write her name, her vocabulary kills me (she says "actually" all the time-"actually I don't need to go potty right now" lol), she colors inside the lines, she paints and draws. When its bedtime and she is trying to stall, she says;
"Wait!! I have to tell you something!"
 "hmmm, what should I tell you..."

She is just a dream and we are so happy and lucky to have her in our family!
We love you Madilyn June!
Happy 4th Birthday