Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hawaii 2012

This year the Hawaii trip was running short on available Mike and Cindy were gracious enough to invite the Eliasons to come along...

My girls LOVE playing in the sand with grandma Cindy, in fact I think they're pretty sure that's the actual purpose of the Hawaii trip

The kids NEVER adjusted to the time change. We woke up with the kids between 4:00 and 6:00 EVERY morning. Then stayed up playing games with the grown-ups until 10:00 or 11:00 EVERY night. The kids felt it, they were pretty tired most of the trip...

Maidlyn with Aunt Sabrina, formally known as aunt fabs, now pronounced "aunt be-rina"

The Eliason clan went to a luau, since they hadn't ever been. They LOVED it. And so did little Madilyn June. She loves a good show.

(I can't believe we've been married six years!)

(I can't believe they've been married 30 years!)
Mamma's boys

The sibs-obviously some sort of horizontal stripe memo went out
This was our favorite luau girl. When we got there she was greeting people and asking to check I.D.s. When we told her we wouldn't be drinking, she said "I thought I saw you guys at church on Sunday!" good ol' Mormons :)

We couldn't visit the island without eating at Scott's favorite-Cheeseburgers in Paradise. (please note the reading's her FAVORITE!!!)

Can you see how tired? This girl LOVES her "papa"...I mean LOVES

Scott's girls

Could she be cuter though?

Turtles Turtles Turtles...we saw a ton this trip. Have I mentioned I love these animals, I don't know what it is, but they are my favorite. And it was so fun to see so many!

Madilyn wasn't convinced...

Uncle Jared doing some turtle watching

Again the tiredness...see papa can't even keep his eyeballs open ( my girls are blankie girls, just like their mommy)

The Eliason clan also did a snorkel run. We tried to meet up with some Sumsions at the reef, but somehow missed them. Anyway-here are the 4 of us (mom, tyler, me, justin-dad was snapping the shot). Scott was supposed to come, but someone had to stay to watch the kiddos-and he was an awesome-good sport about it and volunteered, so that I could go with my family.
snorkeling sibs (tyler, me, justin)

This was the blessed kiddy pool. We spent upwards of 80% of our time here
Have I mentioned how awesome my in-laws are? All a girl could ask for. The Sumsions in the group (how lucky I get to be both!) had a day excursion. We went Zip-lining. One of my favorite things of all time.

We met pascal. Well, the mean version with horns...

The view was incredible

We went across the world's longest suspension foot bridge

We took a ride in this beast

Which reminded me so much of the jeepnies on my mission (see example below)
I'm in the middle on the floor (the one with no make-up...or hair)
(shout out to J.M. if you read this :)) 

So fun! (too bad I can't pull off the signs I'm throwing out :)-such a white girl)

"look girls-it's Pascal!"
(p.s. Scott's shirt reads "vegetables are what food eats")

Cindy and Mike

Goggle girl
(this underwater camera was so fun to have along)

I know he's hard to spot...but he's such a cutie!

hee hee
(too bad I can't get my bangs to look like this all the time...)

(This was like our 5th take)

They sat in the very back of the mini-van and would just hold hands
(again note the tiredness)

Uncle Justin in his grown-up shirt :)

The Tongan wood carvers

(how is it my dad is pulling off the throwing of the sign...I guess he's just that cool)

The girls enjoyed having both set of grandparents around. It was definitely a different trip. I wished we would have gotten more photos of Grandma Cindy at the pool with the kids, or Grandma taking walks with Kira. Or a couple group photos, maybe when we visited Guy and Lorraine. I wished we'd have gotten some pics with Sabrina and Jared. Or one of just our little Scott Sumsion family. I don't feel like the photos capture the whole trip-it's hard to find a balance between living the life, and recording the life. Ya know?

We lived a lot this trip and loved it all.

Thanks Mike and Cindy for including my family. Thanks for the great trip, thanks for the zip-lining, and mostly thanks for being awesome in-laws.