Friday, July 13, 2012

Utah July 2012

My cousin Lexi got married at the end of June. She married a really great guy and we are so excited for them both. I drove out with the kids and my mom and dad. Scott had planned to join us the day of the reception, but the state came to audit his work and it ended up he couldn't come until after the wedding. Bummer.  
We had a great time though with lots of family!
On our way into the reception Kira fell and got this huge bump on her head...that's my girl

Madilyn with Papa (the face Madilyn...seriously?)

The size of this bow makes me laugh

With mommy

cute right! (see the bump)

tickles from uncle T. Man I miss those Utah mountains!

Candid (I think she looks a lot like my cousin Kari, in this photo)

The Bride (isn't she gorgeous!)

Playing in Gramee Great's backyard

A diaper and salt-waters, what more does a person need

Pleas note: the lack of photos with my side of the family was due to my lack of arms. (before Scott got there I barely touched the camera, most of these photos are becuase I finally got it out and handed the camera to my dad. We had great times though. Tucanos with EVERYONE :), The bridal shower, lazy summer evenings in aunt Renee's backyard. Playing with the cousins at the pool, the mall, and the aquarium...We loved it! And I wish I had the photos to show it!

We had to go to BYU campus. This was our visit to the creamery. (btw they have this flavor of ice cream called Graham Canyon. It's got Graham cracker crumbs swirled all through it, and chunks of chocolate covered honey. Now I am not necessarily a graham cracker fan. In fact I don't think I would reach in the cupboard and choose one as a snack. But this ice cream was TO DIE FOR. It will, from henceforth, be a Utah trip tradition.)

Continuing with our "Madilyn makes weird faces in photos" blog theme, here are some gems... 

When Scott got to town we took the time to do a couple things with just our little family (we don't do that much). The zoo was our first stop.
Kira doing her elephant impression

Cute dad

Note the red was HOT!

Thirsty, thirsty
They have a knew polar bear exhibit. The Bear would come over from this rock...

Stick his head out right here...

And say Hi

The girls just squealed. The bear would then go on his back, get to the other rock, flip around and do it all again. He just did this over and over. Girls were mesmerized.


They perked up for the Giraffes

like chunks of dirty-ice, with sugar water spritzed on top...bleh

Madilyn on carousel

Kira on Carousel

Scott on Carousel

Candid. I love this one. It's like "oh hey mom! I didn't know you were here!!"

I wish that pole wasn't blocking Kira's face. But man they look a lot alike here.

You can almost hear her saying "ooo, eee,  aaa," like the monkies

Scott was pushing the stroller up the hill, and asked Madilyn to come help him push...(not quite what he had in mind)

Matching skank face

we look alike huh?

(I'm almost done, I promise)
So one of the days we were thinking about going to 7 peaks, but it seemed kind of pricey since we knew the kids would only last a couple hours. So Aunt Tammi suggest the scera public pool. It was perfect. I think it was like 5 bucks for the whole family. They had a splash pad area, a kiddi pool and a couple big slides.
Kira loved it

I mean LOVED it
Kira went down the kiddi slide probably 20 times before she noticed the big slide (I mean the big grown-up cork-screw slide). She turned to daddy and pointed "swide". We rented her a life-vest (*required), and Scott took her up. They came down.
With huge eyes she looked up at daddy and said "gin". "You want to go again?"...with a nod "yeah".
 And that's all we did for the next 45 minutes. She had to take of the life vest to give a reluctant Madilyn a turn and she was NOT happy. "tun, tun, my tun!!!". Let's let Madilyn have a turn...  

Madilyn wasn't so sure...
We celebrated the 4th with Kari and Tami, Sabrina and Jared. And some Italians.
We went to the Parade

We really do look a lot alike


Cute sabs and jared. We had so much fun just hanging with them!

(they both love playing with his goatee when they're on his shoulders. btw he shaved it off recently)

Happy 4th of July!

Miss American Fork float

our in-house pyro

Sabrina: "ummm really, I'm not to sure about this..."
Kira: "hey look at that big firework over there"

Sabrina: "yeah, see it's definitely burning my fingers!!!"
Kira: "wait, I get to hold my own?!...hee hee hee"

Actually this glow stick is pretty awesome
We also went to Tami's 4th of July block party. They had facepainting, balloon artists, cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, bounce houses, live music, a dessert bar, swimming, ice cream, snow cones, popcorn, pizza. A blow-up slide for the kids (a slide that Madilyn went up, and was too scared to come down. Enter big-ole-mom on the kids slide...excuse me, pardon me, just got to slide down with the kid that is crying up  there...awesome). It was amazing, the kids loved it.

We had a great trip. I loved having the time with my parents. I missed having Scott with me for most of it. I loved spending time with my cousins and their kids. I loved seeing lexi in love. I wished we could have seen everyone that we love and miss, just a little more. I have a feeling we might have an 4th of July tradition starting...