Tuesday, August 21, 2012

swim lessons

So this summer we did swim lessons again. We have a fantastic grandma with a fantastic pool. The teacher comes to us, and we just hang out and swim with friends while we wait to take our turn with said teacher.

I could hardly get a photo of Madilyn because she was in the under water the ENTIRE time.

Gigi came to watch

Swimming with Grandma Cindy while waiting for our turn

Kira did great when it was her turn, but when it wasn't, this is where she was...in Grandma's strawberry patch. She didn't care what shade of red they were (or weren't) she would pick 'em and eat 'em

Madilyn took to the water like a fish. This is her 4th year doing it. And she loves to swim. I think we might have to get her on a team eventually.

cute bum

Swim lessons wore us out!

So fun though-can't wait to do them again next summer!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So a while ago I got this great set of new white glass mixing bowls (they were $6 for a set of four and I am loving them!). Anyway, they came with these cardboard protectors, and I thought "hey we could totally make hats out of those when we are feeling crafty!"
Finally the day came when I was sick of moving these things all over my house, so I busted out the glue, ribbon, and construction paper...
I thought, "man, I'm a good mom! This will be great, they will love it, I'm spending quality time with my kids, improving their fine motor skills, engaging them, teaching them to be creative..blah blah blah"

It started out well and good
 And we had to have a snack while we crafted. Nothin' like chunky peanut butter on a spoon...

Madilyn was totally into it...until... 
(can you see it coming?)

"Don't eat my glittered-cut-out-construction-paper-thingies!!!" (almost lost Kira onto the floor. BTW-it wouldn't be the first time that's happened)

Then Kira's like "what? no biggie, tell her to chill"

 Crisis averted-we got back to the crafting...All Kira wanted to do was EAT EVERYTHING...

Madilyn couldn't thread the ribbon thru, and it made her MAD

(we are still working on scissor skills with this one)

 Cute right? Wrong, I had to fight my head off for this picture. Madilyn was super unhappy, I couldn't figure out why...
she did pull a face or two for me, you know, just the classics

Kira followed suit
 I then wanted to get a picture of all three of us in our hats (yes I made one too, you know trying to do things with them...) We had a MAJOR melt-down, it was probably the worst I've ever seen from my Madilyn. When I finally got some words out of here (rather than strait-up blubbering) she admitted that she was sad her hat wasn't as fancy as mine and Kira's. You see while Madilyn concentrated so hard on making her little hat, I had strung mine and Kira's hats with some tulle. I liked that they were all so different, but Madilyn felt super left out and un-fancy...
The lovely end result of my attempt to be a "good mom".  (please note how privileged you should feel that I posted this picture, I have no make-up on, and my double chin is EXTRA apparent in this photo...)